TuiSpace Case Study

House twist mobile app

House twist provides its full range
of home renovation and maintenance Services


UI Schema

We have made an ordering process in app as much convenient as it was on web site. There is no need to make a new registration for app if you had already made it on site, so the both of online business parts are working together and complement each other.


User have an opportunity to choose one or several services from the list, add a brief description of problem and pictures in case of need, leave contacts to get in touch.
All required information goes directly to manager and further service is discussed with client.

Additional branding

Also one of the task was to make a branding for a car and place all required inforamtion on the limited surface. And we have got a big logo with the company name, contacts and some additional information.


About company

After successfully serving multi-family and apartment home communities for more than ten years, House Twist is now expanding its extensive experience from the commercial market to the individual home owner.


Web site is consist of several pages, every of them is playing its role for customers.
The most important are Portfolio page and Blog, where users can see examples of works and latest news about the company.

What We Did