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3D Design & Visualization

ABOUT OUR 3D Product Visualizations and Renderings
Oil & gas engineering for rigs, products, and equipment faces high risks: manufacturing and construction can be time-consuming and expensive, and even put lives in harm’s way with operations involving hazardous materials or locations. TuiSpace’s 3D solutions enable oil & gas equipment thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface, or real estate thousands of miles away, to be accessible for cost-effective viewing, manipulation, and interaction—and theoretical concepts that might be potentially dangerous or costly, to be examined for feasibility long before lives or million-dollar budgets are at stake. The power of the 3D isn’t limited to the oil & gas industry: imaging and interaction with increasingly realistic representations of objects have applications in real estate, medicine, aviation, and any other field where items must be modeled and demonstrated or ideas brought to life.

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Book & E-book Cover Design & Mock Up

We all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but as someone who needs a design for a book cover, you must know that it’s one of the determining factors that directly affect the potential buyer and their decision, whether they will purchase it or not.Besides, a great book deserves an original cover which will serve as a creative teaser. Our design team has developed a process to make a quality delivery to each of our clients. We know that each design is different and that is why we approach tasks by creating several concepts, until we find a version you’ll find completely satisfying.Whether you’re in need of a mockup or a complete cover design, Tuispace will create an innovative design solution for you and your business. You should also know that we work with all fonts and every product we finish is in high resolution and ready for further use.In order to make your product desirable and trendy, you need to not only promote that, but also the reason why you do business. Your target audience will transform into loyal customers if you know how to show them that you’re different. We’re looking forward to helping you do so.

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Business Cards + Print


Complete Business Stationary

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Doorhangers Design & Print

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E-Mail Newsletter Design

ABOUT OUR E-Mail Newsletter Design
TuiSpace understands corporate correspondence, and can develop an e-newsletter that reflects your brand and connects with those you’re seeking to reach. From templates to custom designs, our exceptional team of skilled graphic artists is well-equipped to create just the right format for your newsletter—incorporating logos and other visual elements that convey a message all on their own. With optional copywriting services available, you can put decades of professional communication experience at your disposal to produce articles, features, and tidbits summarizing your announcements, breakthroughs, and events. All graphic and copy content is then expertly synthesized into a finished product as substantive as it is striking. We can even provide coding to automated email distribution services like MailChimp® as an add-on service, preparing you to deliver not just a single e-newsletter, but an ongoing campaign requested and anticipated by regular subscribers.

Need to integrate with Mail Chimp? We can code your email to work with Mail Chimp for an extra fee.


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Are you in need of illustrations for your book cover, product cover, logo design or anything similar? Well you have come to the right place. Our team of artists specializes in creating illustrations for any purpose.This creative design service will definitely meet your needs, and we can either follow instructions, or even help you come up with an original concept that you are going to love. We are fully aware of just how important good illustrations and unique design are nowadays, so we guarantee that with our team you will get:
  • Illustrations that help you stand out from the crowd
  • Unique design that will help you build your own identity
  • Quality images that viewers will find engaging and that you will be proud of
Appearances matter a lot, especially in today’s world – a shopper might opt for one product over another simply because the package looks more alluring, or because it has a memorable logo on it. We are here to help you get there by supplying you with illustrations that both you and your users will like. Don’t waste any time and don’t miss out on this creative design service, because the sooner your order, the sooner we can start working on your design!

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Infographic Design

ABOUT OUR infographic designs

You’ve heard, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” At TuiSpace we believe it’s what you say AND how you say it! Often though, the best way to speak volumes isn’t words, but visuals—and our team of artists and professional communicators put intuitive, cost-effective infographics to work for you. However cyclical or convoluted your operation might be, our designers offer strategic insight on logical layout and flow based on your guidance and subject matter expertise. Our partnership continues until we’ve finalized an infographic that can be used anywhere to foster audience knowledge and comprehension. Whether you’re demonstrating the effects of proprietary chemistry on hydrocarbon production, summarizing a surgical procedure, providing an overview of governmental budgeting and expenditures, or something completely different, our specialty is helping you visually represent yours.

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Leaflet or Flyer Design and Print

ABOUT OUR Tri-Fold Brochure Design and Print

Why settle for a template available to everyone else—or even worse, pay high prices for one that’s been used and then reused over and over again—when TuiSpace custom-creates high-quality individualized options just for you, to perfectly capture your personality and message? Our experienced team collaborates directly with you to clearly identify your priorities and preferences, and takes full advantage of the available space in a way that’s uniquely “you!” We can do it all for your leaflet or flyer, starting with consultation and discovery, on to graphic design and layout, and on through printing and delivery. If you want help getting your content just right, we even offer professional copywriting services to ensure that your copy is as compelling as your visuals.

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Logo Design

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NCR Carbonless Form Design & Print

Pretty much everything has gone digital in the last couple of years, but still, nothing beats a good old fashioned business seal on a paper document.In fact, not all of your long-established and highly acclaimed partners are online yet, and some of your valuable clients actually prefer having a physical invoice to file in the cabinet. Whatever the form – an invoice book, a sales order, an agreement, or a statement – our creative design service will make sure that your specific business needs are met, at both yours and your recipient’s delight.When it comes to paper forms, you shouldn’t settle for nothing less than a carbonless NCR multi-part design. Being the revolutionary substitution for your traditional carbon copy papers that it is, a NCR form promises an eco-friendly and stain-free solution that every professional business needs to employ.Whether you like to sign your business forms with ink or prefer typing your deals with a writing machine, whether you need them for internal or external use, be they black and white or multicolor, the end result needs to be professional-looking, regardless of the size or quantity. Whatever the case may be, TuiSpace is your go-to provider.

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Packaging Design and Lifelike Product Mock-up

ABOUT OUR 3D Product Visualizations and Renderings

Appearance goes a long way in making an impression and motivating a buying decision, and at TuiSpace we specialize in creating graphics and logos for packaging that stimulates the eye and the wallet alike. From peel-and-stick jar labels, full-wrap or custom-printed box design, paper and plastic bags, to anything else you might use to package and sell your product, we’ll make it look amazing. But what if your product’s not quite ready, yet you still want your buyers to be when it is? We’ve got you covered with mockups that faithfully and realistically depict your offering in marketing materials, so you can start taking orders now! Another benefit of our expertly crafted mockups is their consistency from all angles for photographs and other representations, ensuring that whatever you’re selling, it’ll always appear at its best. TuiSpace lets you focus on making something that works for your customers, while our talented and responsive staff of artists and designers works for you.

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Photo Manipulation

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Pocket Folders | Design & Print

We believe that satisfying customers is the most important goal that every business organization should work towards. We want to provide our customers with the highest-quality service and meet their every need because, after all, our customers are the heart of our business.We are proud to say that we actually do provide a superior service of superior quality to each and every one of our customers, which is made possible because of our professional team of outstanding graphic designers with years of experience and because we have been on the other side (as an unhappy customer). We are here for you to meet your every graphic design need and provide you with exactly what you are looking for.We design and print pocket folders and other various types of printed materials that you need for distributing marketing materials when it comes to promoting your business and raising awareness about your brand. We can provide you with a unique and eye-catchy design for your pocket folders that you and your clients will absolutely love. Of course, if you have any idea that you would like to incorporate into the design, we will be more than happy to work together on the project and come up with the perfect design that will convey the ultimate message of your brand.We are partners with various printing firms in Houston, Texas, as well as with a number of printing firms worldwide, so not only are we able to provide you with high-quality graphic design services from an incredible number of exceptional graphic designers, but we are also able to do so at a very affordable price, precisely because of our multiple partnerships.We believe that you, our customers, deserve to have the best possible products when you are in need of any type of graphic design.

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Post Card Design & Print

Are you planning a networking event and want to send traditional (printed) invites, instead of digital ones? Are you planning a wedding and need just the perfect wedding invitations to represent your special day? Do you want to promote your business by sending printed material to your target audience in order to intrigue them and make them interested in your brand? In fact, are you in need of any kind of printed material that you want to send out and invite people to join you?If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. We design and print post cards that will help you reach a number of people and communicate the message you want. Our team of professional graphic designers who are always more than happy to please each and every customer will provide you with a high-quality service that will satisfy your every need.We will provide you with beautiful and unique post cards that are guaranteed to please you and you can be sure that both you and your target audience will absolutely fall in love with their design. We are aware of the fact that graphic design is so much more than implementing the right elements regarding color, font and symbols – we know that the perfect graphic design is the one that helps you create strong and long-lasting relationships with your target audience. This is precisely why we stand out from the crowd – because we believe that we can breathe life into your vision and that is exactly what our graphic designers can provide you with. We also collaborate with various printing firms in Houston, Texas meaning that we can design your postcards and also print them at extremely competitive rates.

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Poster / Pop Up Trade Show Materials

The secret of effective advertising is in originality – if you want to make your target audience remember you, you need to give them a good reason.Every piece of your marketing material needs to be created with a fresh approach that comes from a genuine idea especially if you want to stand out from the sea of competitors and be perceived as different (this can be a challenge when the market is this saturated). However, our award winning designers from Texas are ready to accept the challenge and are looking forward to helping you launch high quality advertising material.The development of show materials starts with brainstorming with you, our beloved client, and then we create unique concepts for you to review. Once you select the idea version that best fits the story that your business is trying to emit, we perfect it until you’re completely satisfied.This process will result in the delivery of high resolution JPG/PNG/vector files, and every poster and show material we send you will be ready for you to print, hand out or upload to your website, social media platforms or send out via email. As you already know, we can come full circle with this by extending our wholesale printing rates to you.

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