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Flat 2D images can be visually impactful and effective, but what if you or your customer want to more fully experience a component, a property, or other asset that’s either inaccessible or doesn’t yet exist? Opportunities to visualize and interact virtually with these complex assets in advance of hands-on development or maintenance can safeguard valuable resources, at a level of expense that’s comparatively much lower.

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Oil & gas engineering for rigs, products, and equipment faces high risks: manufacturing and construction can be time-consuming and expensive, and even put lives in harm’s way with operations involving hazardous materials or locations. TuiSpace’s 3D solutions enable oil & gas equipment thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface, or real estate thousands of miles away, to be accessible for cost-effective viewing, manipulation, and interaction—and theoretical concepts that might be potentially dangerous or costly, to be examined for feasibility long before lives or million-dollar budgets are at stake. The power of the 3D isn’t limited to the oil & gas industry: imaging and interaction with increasingly realistic representations of objects have applications in real estate, medicine, aviation, and any other field where items must be modeled and demonstrated or ideas brought to life.

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TuiSpace occupies a strategic location in the heart of the Houston, Texas oil & gas market, with proven proficiency with state-of-the art tools for 3D design, modeling, compositing, and animation. We deliver solutions for technical visualizations, rig fly-arounds, and other needs of this vital and evolving sector—and all with a streamlined cost structure that makes even this groundbreaking technology affordable. We’re at the forefront of 3D graphic design and development, and we welcome you to join us!

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The TuiSpace 3D Artists, 3D Modelers, and Animators have a broad experience across all industries, including oil and gas, engineering, architecture, advertising, government, military, education and manufacturing.

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