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3D Design & Visualization

ABOUT OUR 3D Product Visualizations and Renderings
Oil & gas engineering for rigs, products, and equipment faces high risks: manufacturing and construction can be time-consuming and expensive, and even put lives in harm’s way with operations involving hazardous materials or locations. TuiSpace’s 3D solutions enable oil & gas equipment thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface, or real estate thousands of miles away, to be accessible for cost-effective viewing, manipulation, and interaction—and theoretical concepts that might be potentially dangerous or costly, to be examined for feasibility long before lives or million-dollar budgets are at stake. The power of the 3D isn’t limited to the oil & gas industry: imaging and interaction with increasingly realistic representations of objects have applications in real estate, medicine, aviation, and any other field where items must be modeled and demonstrated or ideas brought to life.

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Book & E-book Cover Design & Mock Up

We all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but as someone who needs a design for a book cover, you must know that it’s one of the determining factors that directly affect the potential buyer and their decision, whether they will purchase it or not.Besides, a great book deserves an original cover which will serve as a creative teaser. Our design team has developed a process to make a quality delivery to each of our clients. We know that each design is different and that is why we approach tasks by creating several concepts, until we find a version you’ll find completely satisfying.Whether you’re in need of a mockup or a complete cover design, Tuispace will create an innovative design solution for you and your business. You should also know that we work with all fonts and every product we finish is in high resolution and ready for further use.In order to make your product desirable and trendy, you need to not only promote that, but also the reason why you do business. Your target audience will transform into loyal customers if you know how to show them that you’re different. We’re looking forward to helping you do so.

Business Cards + Print

Business Logo Design Starting at just $250

why you need this
This super-affordable starter option is the ideal choice if you’re just beginning the transition to a wider or more organized marketing strategy, by delivering up to three revisions of three different initial logo concepts. As with all of our branding packages, you have access to TuiSpace’s award-winning designers, who will collaborate with you to fashion a completed logo around which you can continue to build your brand identity.
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Complete Business Stationary

Custom-Designed Parallax Scrolling One-Page WordPress Websites – $1500

why you need this

This option is ideal as a starter website if you’re just ramping up and getting organized, but want to begin generating marketing buzz with what you already have in the meantime. All of your information and media are on one scrolling, easy-to-navigate page designed around content flow and visual impact. Your site is customized from scratch just for you, with no templates … It’s a quality website on a budget!

Live Site examples

What you Get
  1. Custom Design
  2. Custom WordPress Coded
  3. Mobile Responsive
  4. SEO Optimized
  5. Never templates, & can be expanded at any time.
  6. Google Maps
  7. Social Media Integration
  8. Customer Contact Form
  9. Social Media Integration
  10. Responsive and Mobile Friendly
package #1

Doorhangers Design & Print

E-Mail Newsletter Design

ABOUT OUR E-Mail Newsletter Design
TuiSpace understands corporate correspondence, and can develop an e-newsletter that reflects your brand and connects with those you’re seeking to reach. From templates to custom designs, our exceptional team of skilled graphic artists is well-equipped to create just the right format for your newsletter—incorporating logos and other visual elements that convey a message all on their own. With optional copywriting services available, you can put decades of professional communication experience at your disposal to produce articles, features, and tidbits summarizing your announcements, breakthroughs, and events. All graphic and copy content is then expertly synthesized into a finished product as substantive as it is striking. We can even provide coding to automated email distribution services like MailChimp® as an add-on service, preparing you to deliver not just a single e-newsletter, but an ongoing campaign requested and anticipated by regular subscribers.

Need to integrate with Mail Chimp? We can code your email to work with Mail Chimp for an extra fee.


Economical and Effective Custom Business Card Design + Print

Get full-service business card design and printing for just a small investment in the branding and marketing of your business. Our standard business cards are printed in high-definition color on bothsides of 14-16pt paper, in your choice of either glossy UV-coated or uncoated matte finish.
  • Custom and Professional Business Card Design
  • Your choice of Glossy UV Coated or Uncoated Matte finish
  • 2 sided or 1 sided HD full color print included
  • Set of 500 Business Cards starting at $99 with print and design included
  • We have a variety of ADD ONS for enhancement including embossing, custom die cutting, perforating, UV spot, Raised UV spot, Foil spot, Edge painting and rounded corners
Economical and Effective Custom Business Card Design + Print

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Frosted Plastic Business Cards Custom Design + Print

TuiSpace’s 12 or 30mil plastic bussines cards feature full-color front-and- back designs and are a clean, straightforward, professional option—especially for industries that can place higher physical demands on them. Plastic Bussines Cards resemble a credit card in size and thickness.
  • Custom and Professional Business Card Design
  • 12 or 30mil full color plastic cards are thick, tear and water proof, making them durable and long-lasting.
  • 2 sided or 1 sided HD full color print included
  • Set of 500 Business Cards starting at $280 with print and design incuded
  • We have a variety of ADD ONS for enhancement including UV spot, Foil spot and Round edges.
Plastic Business Cards

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High End Custom Mobile Ready Website
Starting at $4000

why you need this

When you’re ready to make the ultimate statement, the TuiSpace team can elevate your message beyond a pre-established theme to a design that is tailored specifically to you. Let your audience or potential customers know exactly who you are with an interface and content elements that create an experience as unique as an online fingerprint—leveraging coding, features, and aesthetics that leave a lasting impression greater than any theme. This tier of website takes responsiveness to a whole other level, engaging site visitors through automatic resizing and optimization for any mobile or handheld device, wherever they are.

Live Site examples

What you Get
  1. Custom Designed
  2. Custom WordPress Coded
  3. Mobile Responsive
  4. SEO optimized
  5. No templates, can be expanded anytime
  6. 5 custom designed site pages
  7. Google Maps Integration
  8. Social Media integration
  9. Customer Contact Form
  10. Social Media Integration
  11. Responsive and mobile friendly
  12. Image Slideshow of text
  13. Unique look & feel that no one has
  14. WordPress training via screen share
package #3


Are you in need of illustrations for your book cover, product cover, logo design or anything similar? Well you have come to the right place. Our team of artists specializes in creating illustrations for any purpose.This creative design service will definitely meet your needs, and we can either follow instructions, or even help you come up with an original concept that you are going to love. We are fully aware of just how important good illustrations and unique design are nowadays, so we guarantee that with our team you will get:
  • Illustrations that help you stand out from the crowd
  • Unique design that will help you build your own identity
  • Quality images that viewers will find engaging and that you will be proud of
Appearances matter a lot, especially in today’s world – a shopper might opt for one product over another simply because the package looks more alluring, or because it has a memorable logo on it. We are here to help you get there by supplying you with illustrations that both you and your users will like. Don’t waste any time and don’t miss out on this creative design service, because the sooner your order, the sooner we can start working on your design!

Infographic Design

ABOUT OUR infographic designs

You’ve heard, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” At TuiSpace we believe it’s what you say AND how you say it! Often though, the best way to speak volumes isn’t words, but visuals—and our team of artists and professional communicators put intuitive, cost-effective infographics to work for you. However cyclical or convoluted your operation might be, our designers offer strategic insight on logical layout and flow based on your guidance and subject matter expertise. Our partnership continues until we’ve finalized an infographic that can be used anywhere to foster audience knowledge and comprehension. Whether you’re demonstrating the effects of proprietary chemistry on hydrocarbon production, summarizing a surgical procedure, providing an overview of governmental budgeting and expenditures, or something completely different, our specialty is helping you visually represent yours.

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JavaScript Error Fixes

Modern content consumers have little patience for non-functional websites. Your main objective is to attract more visitors, not to repel them, which is why full JavaScript functionality is paramount. If it comes to any hiccups, however, our team will make sure that every error is quickly fixed and that the website is compatible with every browser. If not, we can edit your scripts to make the most of your user experience.

In order to help you, we’ll need a direct URL to the problem page and info about the name and version of a web browser in which the malfunction took place and that of the browser in which the JavaScript functions the way it should, a screenshot or detailed description about what happened, how and when, as well as the way it should properly work.

Leaflet or Flyer Design and Print

ABOUT OUR Tri-Fold Brochure Design and Print

Why settle for a template available to everyone else—or even worse, pay high prices for one that’s been used and then reused over and over again—when TuiSpace custom-creates high-quality individualized options just for you, to perfectly capture your personality and message? Our experienced team collaborates directly with you to clearly identify your priorities and preferences, and takes full advantage of the available space in a way that’s uniquely “you!” We can do it all for your leaflet or flyer, starting with consultation and discovery, on to graphic design and layout, and on through printing and delivery. If you want help getting your content just right, we even offer professional copywriting services to ensure that your copy is as compelling as your visuals.

High End Business Cards: 12 – 16 business days + transit time*

Full Color Flyers

Logo Design