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Harnessing the full potential of one of the world’s premier online design and development tools, our WordPress websites feature personalization of hundreds of possible themes—all with unmatched speed, convenience, and affordability. If you’re wanting a dynamic presence that’s instantly compatible with mobile and hand-held devices, but not quite ready for something fully customized, we’ll help put WordPress to work for you!
  1. Our experts will help you choose a premium theme and suits your vision
  2. Our WordPress experts take care of all of the installation, styling, and content population
  3. A low-price option
  4. Fast turn-around
  5. Flexibility – websites and pages can be expanded anytime to maximize your investment
  6. An image slideshow with text
  7. Up to 6 pages
  8. A Contact Form
  9. Google Maps
  10. Social Media Integration
  11. Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  12. Training

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