Jan 3, 2017
awwward site of the day nominee

Isn’t it nice to partner with a winner. TuiSpace developed a contemporary promotional website for its kick-starter design campaign and it won a CSS award from AWWWARDS.com.

Every year, they recognize the best 365 CSS websites from around the world. We had over 10K visits on the day we were awarded the “site of day”! The AWWWARDS were created to acknowledge the creativity, innovation and talent among the best designers, studios, and agencies of the world through their websites. CSS is a programming language that is used to change the way a website formats as well as optimizing the loading of content.

Expertise Award

Expertise scores web designers on over 25 variables across five categories, then analyzes the results to come up with a hand-picked list of the best web designers in Houston, Texas. Out of 485 that were reviewed, 299 were curated, and 21 were selected.
TuispaceExpertise Best Web Designers in Houston2017, 2018Tuispace.com
TuispaceAwwwards Site of the DayJan 3, 2017Tuispace.com


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