Having industry expertise to us means understanding and supporting your company’s growth needs within your competitive landscape. We form a relationship with you, become your technology resource and provide solutions to help you respond faster to your customer’s problems.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Seventy percent of oil & gas CEOs expect technology will significantly impact or reshape competition in their industry (PWC, 20th CEO Survey, 2017).  Consider allocating resources to TuiSpace as your technology partner. Our services can assist in your organic growth agenda by optimizing capabilities. We also understand that it’s harder to gain and keep trust in business, you can move forward confidently knowing our designers, developers, project managers, and content writers have an average of 10+ years in the oil & gas and engineering industries. Learn more about our expertise.

small business

As a startup or small business operating for a number of years, your website presence becomes one of the most important factors for your business to compete.  Your competition is established in the market and might already be serving your potential customers.  We have worked with numerous startups and small businesses to establish a strong presence in their field, as well as, increase their reach and generate leads. See our small business portfolio.


Consumers are a finicky bunch. They know what they want and they want it now.  Operating a retail business, whether traditional brick-and-mortar or online, is one of the most challenging in terms of getting seen.  Identifying your specific customer,  getting their attention, and delivering a unique experience from start to finish is critical in making sure they not only return, but tell others about your products. See our retail portfolio.


When it comes to healthcare, your patients or clients have many options. There’s traditional, holistic, eastern, western, hospitals, 24-hour clinics, health coaches, doctors and many other alternatives.  With so many choices, patients seek to educate themselves to find the best fit for their needs, and rely heavily on obtaining information through online resources, including your website.  Does your website offer a user-friendly experience that not only answers their questions, but helps them make the right decision? See our healthcare industry case study.