How to Develop a Powerful Brand Identity and Earn Customers’ Trust
December 9, 2016

Today we are surrounded by many businesses and some compete in the same crowded space, so establishing your own brand and identity is not an easy feat. After all, you need to stand out from the crowd and still offer your consumers a reason to return. Luckily, there are various tricks and techniques you can use for creating a powerful brand identity.

Sure, you cannot become a big company immediately, but you can be someone that shoppers like, and someone who has a lot of growth potential. So, we will go over these tips, and the article will serve as a guide for these types of endeavors.

Be consistent in your branding


Consistency is equal to relevancy nowadays, but at the same time you should not take this too seriously. Let’s use vloggers or YouTube influencers as an example, some of the most popular channels, or channels with a high number of subscribers update their channel once a day, or twice a week, or in some cases once a week.

And yes, if there is always something new people will check it out, but if you only do this to uphold a schedule without any prior plan, then your content will not be good, and people will eventually stop caring. So, consistency needs to also have quality.

If you are in charge of an online shop, this does not mean you should create a new product on a weekly basis, but come up with content that features what you are selling. You can create tutorials that explain different uses for what you are selling, and try to produce one tutorial a week. Moreover, consistency also warrants uniqueness, so you need to introduce new elements of your business persona that are in some way different from your competition.

Content creation is also closely connected to SEO, since the content you are creating needs to be optimized for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. So, uniqueness, relevance, and keyword oriented. When you think about it, content creation takes a lot of work and precision, so coming up with new content that satisfies these standards is almost impossible on a daily basis.

Well, you can always get a helping hand, and we are more than willing to step up and give your brand what it needs. Here at Tuispace we have a team of experts who specialize in creating content that will satisfy all of the abovementioned criteria. So, if you need a constant in-flow of unique and quality content, you can count on us.

Use creative design service


Websites play an important role in your branding strategy, and with creative design you can impress your visitors, and successfully convert them into paying customers. Since you need to have a website that stands out from the crowd, you should use creative design, rather than templates. Most of the small businesses use WordPress as a platform for their website, and they construct those websites using premade themes or templates, which is not bad per se, but it is a far cry from ideal.

In other words, by relying on templates for your web design, your site only ends up being another common online store, and it has a small chance of making an impact. Even though the templates are good, in order to be unique you should go for something that is specifically designed for you.  For example, you can create a loading screen that features your logo, and you can create custom 404 error pages. These are just some of the techniques to help you stand out and establish a strong brand identity.

Another really important aspect you must not neglect is your website’s responsiveness. If your website is not responsive and if it takes too long to load, then most of the shoppers and visitors won’t even give it a chance.

Furthermore, it won’t rank well with search engines and it will only harm your brand reputation. So, when designing a website, you need to ensure you have quality hosting service, and that the code itself is not too complex, since these things can impact the loading speed. Ensure your site is optimized for smartphones and other small screen devices. TuiSpace can actually perform all of these technical SEO tasks (making sure our hosting environment is ideal for SEO) as well as your keyword techniques & market research type of work. Since we also design & code websites, we are able to optimize everything as we go (think titles, tags, etc. matching to content and easily seen by search engine crawlers or robots as they call them). This all relates to our vision of a “tui ecosystem” where design, dev, and hosting all create a perfect platform for added branding & marketing on top.

Interesting and engaging brand story


You will be far more memorable if people know what you and your brand stand for; in other words, you need a good story that tells your users what you are all about. The story needs to explain the reason for your company’s existence, and what motivates you to work hard every day. You also need to explain how you came to the idea for your product and what kind of people you want to work with.

It would also be good to add a more human touch to the whole story. Allow people to see you as a family man or woman, who takes care of his or her children, who loves animals, and who loves his or her teammates. We actually help a lot of our clients cross-connect their businesses and try to build long lasting relationships – this helps us in return via referrals and we extend additional discounts as favors or paybacks.

Mobile apps 


Another very creative way to stand out and show everyone you are serious about your intentions to make it, is by adding a mobile app, as a means of shopping. Many stores are using this approach as well: they create apps for google store or app store and users can download them.

The apps are basically another version of an online store; people can use it to browse your products, to inspect them and to shop. Apps can also send reminders to their phones, tell them about the latest discounts, and special offers, and simply remind them of your brand.

Bear in mind that you need some sort of incentive if people are to download the app. So, you can offer a small discount on the next purchase to those who download and review the app, and in return you get more positive ratings and better brand recognition.

Apps can also be used for distributing loyalty points, which are a good solution for engaging consumers to shop again. You can also offer loyalty points as a recruit-a-friend incentive, therefore old users will be likely to show the app and your store to their friends and family.

Much like with the elements mentioned above, the app also serves as a representative of your brand identity. With our help, you can create app, and add top quality graphic design that will resonate with what you want your brand name to represent.

Of course an app isn’t for everyone and there are some more cost-effective ways to get the job done, but the added benefits are surely a nice addition. This may sound like a radio on loop, but yes, Tui can make that happen as well! The Worldwide mobile Internet use actually just recently passed desktops for the first time in October of 2016.

Use different platforms for promotions


Lastly, you need to know how to use different platforms for marketing and for increasing brand awareness. So, you can use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. to increase brand awareness, and acquire new customers.

A good example of using the platform in the right way was Domino’s Pizza, with their tweet for a pizza campaign. It is pretty self-explanatory, you could tweet, tag Domino’s and order pizza to your address. Basically, by creating this campaign they improved the user experience of the platform since now people could also order pizza by tweeting.

Everything did not work out perfectly, since Domino’s does not have a global network of restaurants and can’t deliver to any location on the planet, but the idea itself was incredible. So, think along those lines when you are planning to use different platforms for increasing brand awareness.

As you can see, establishing strong brand identity, and acquiring new customers, requires a lot of creative and outside-the-box thinking, but it is possible, and a lot of other brands have managed to pull it off. Remember that everybody started small, and that with good ideas and good implementation anything is possible.

And again, know that you can always rely on us to tackle those tasks for you and to help you create an impactful online presence that will help in establishing a strong brand identity, widespread brand awareness and high potential for customer acquisition.