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Custom-Designed Parallax Scrolling One-Page WordPress Websites – $1500

why you need this

This option is ideal as a starter website if you’re just ramping up and getting organized, but want to begin generating marketing buzz with what you already have in the meantime. All of your information and media are on one scrolling, easy-to-navigate page designed around content flow and visual impact. Your site is customized from scratch just for you, with no templates … It’s a quality website on a budget!

Live Site examples

What you Get
  1. Custom Design
  2. Custom WordPress Coded
  3. Mobile Responsive
  4. SEO Optimized
  5. Never templates, & can be expanded at any time.
  6. Google Maps
  7. Social Media Integration
  8. Customer Contact Form
  9. Social Media Integration
  10. Responsive and Mobile Friendly
package #1

Total $1,500


  • Responsive Design

  • Easy CMS back end

The final package will include:

  1. Live Site
  2. Graphics
  3. High resolution website
  4. Wordpress CMS

JavaScript Error Fixes

Modern content consumers have little patience for non-functional websites. Your main objective is to attract more visitors, not to repel them, which is why full JavaScript functionality is paramount. If it comes to any hiccups, however, our team will make sure that every error is quickly fixed and that the website is compatible with every browser. If not, we can edit your scripts to make the most of your user experience.

In order to help you, we’ll need a direct URL to the problem page and info about the name and version of a web browser in which the malfunction took place and that of the browser in which the JavaScript functions the way it should, a screenshot or detailed description about what happened, how and when, as well as the way it should properly work.


PSD Design to Responsive WordPress

If you are in a need of transforming your PSD design into a fully operational WordPress website, but find that process time-consuming or tiring, our team will do it for you. Once done, your website will be empowered with a convenient, easy-to-use solution for managing your drag and drop menu and publishing posts and other handy tools, plugins and templates, so that you can do every additional fine-tuning by yourself and keep maintaining your website to your liking.


Swift WordPress Bug-Fixing Service

No website is perfect, regardless of how much work you put into it. Sooner rather than later, your WordPress blog might suddenly glitch – even if not putting your business in risk, such malfunctions can cause a lot of unnecessary frustration for both your visitors and yourself. And, once they do emerge, we’ll be there to fix them (plugin updates give most people the worst  headaches when managing their own sites).

If you have a problem or need assistance with your site’s navigation, headers, plugins and theme installation process or concerned with your site’s overall health, look no further! If you aren’t hosting with us and need help, we’ll typically ask for your domain name, your WP admin credentials, and details concerning the hosting server, along with a screenshot and a detailed description of what’s wrong to get started.


WordPress Maintenance

In case your WordPress website runs smoothly, lucky you, but that still doesn’t mean that you should keep it unsupervised. You’ll always be in need of plugin updates and maintenance, no matter how highly functional your theme is, but that’s not everything we offer.

Instead of having to hire us to fix what’s been broken, let us do regular backups and prevent infection and security issues long before they happen. And, if a backup reveals a hidden flaw, you’ll get an expert advice on whether it’s worth eliminating it or not. The service includes database optimization and additional security plugin installations if needed – whatever it is you need us for, we’ll make sure that your WP website is as secure as it can be.


WordPress Theme Installation, Demo Content Setup & Website Branding

Whether you need it for marketing your business or for sharing your blog message with the world, enhancing your WordPress website shouldn’t be your concern. Our team specializes in getting the technical side of the job done, so that you can feel free to creatively express yourself and do what you do the best.

Once done, a website should be an authentic reflection of your brand identity, which is why our services go beyond theme installation and include theme customization as well. Simply equip us with your WP theme files, a license code (if needed), your domain name, Hosting Control Panel Credentials and WordPress Admin Credentials, your demo content and a company logo (in EPS, Ai or PDF format), and rest assured that your website will be both highly functional and personalized to represent your unique brand exactly the way you want it to. Does this sound too technical? No worries, we walk you through this process thanks to our support.


WordPress Website Migration and Cloning Services, Content Transfer & Updating

If you are in the business of building websites for offline clientele or are simply too restless to stay in one place for a longer time, you’ll be quite pleased with our WordPress Website Migration and WordPress Website Cloning services.

Though both moving and cloning every last piece of your content to a different server or domain may seem like a long, complicated process, the only thing we need in order to do it efficiently are your admin login credentials (your WP login credentials and the login credentials of both your old and your new hosting provider) and other details such as your FTP login credentials and cPanel detail, in case the hosting provider logins are unavailable.


WordPress Website Refresh

Maybe you already have a functional WP Theme, but you’re not quite satisfied with it and need it to be custom-tailored to your preferences. To refresh your website and improve the user experience, we can redesign your logo and fonts, modify your layout, customize menu and sliders, make your code faster, enhance functionality by adding more options, deliver html5 validation and even boost its rankings with SEO.

Even the slightest modifications like Header and Footer Color Scheme changing, contact form and social media URLs and icons setups and Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin installation will be done thoroughly, but you’ll need to provide an elaborate explanation of what you want the result to look like and the imagery that you’d like to see in the updated version. Also, we’ll need to acquire data from your servers and have a clear deadline for the utmost time efficiency.