Why Your Company Needs a Professional Looking Logo
March 25, 2016

Psychological scientists say that it takes about 7 seconds for a person to judge another. That means you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. At the same time, it takes 8.2 to 15 seconds for a person to either love or hate you. That’s pretty fascinating, isn’t it?

But why is it important to this context? Well, just as people judge other people, they will also judge your business based on what they interact with. In a mere 15 seconds they will have determined whether they love it or not.

In many cases, your company logo is the first thing that a potential client will see. A great and appealing logo is more likely to attract a client but a poorly designed one could be the reason why you are not landing new customers.

Below is a compilation of the reasons why your company needs to have a professional looking logo.

Great first impression

Humans are naturally visual. We are all attracted to things that appeal to our sense of sight. That is why a customer who has no prior experience with you is likely to use your logo to either accept or reject what you are offering. When your logo is designed professionally, the customer will get the impression that your business is also professional. That will not only make for a great first impression but will also build trust between you and the customer.

Attracts new customers

Customers see tens or hundreds of logos everyday. Remember that all the other logos represent your competitors. So what can you do to attract that new customer and avoid losing him/her to a competitor? Get an outstanding and professionally designed logo. A serious customer understands that a well-designed logo can only represent a professional company.

Stand out in your industry

A unique and professional logo can differentiate you from other firms and thus elevate you to the top of the industry (unless your company is the only one in that industry). It is your ultimate winning point when it is catchy, self-explanatory and very unique. That is because customers are less likely to be attracted to a kind of brand that looks ordinary.

Encourages customer loyalty

A professional logo is one that your customers can identify easily. They should be able to relate with it whenever they see it on a truck, a van, a poster, or an advert. If it is a solid one, competitors will not tempt them away because they will develop some form of attachment every time they see it. In turn, the attachment will lead to unwavering loyalty to your business.

Earns you professional trust

What distinguishes a lousy business from a professional one? The professional one is well-branded. A great logo is the first step towards ensuring that your branding is professional. Basically, the logo will communicate with customers because they will be able to look at it and judge your business probably way before they even talk to you or your sales representatives. If they develop trust in your logo and branding then they will give you professional trust.

Makes your brand recognizable and memorable

When you design a logo with the best graphic design company, it will be simple to notice but hard to forget. That means it will be memorable to anybody who has ever seen it. Such people will recognize your products whenever they see them. With that alone, you should be guaranteed that you will make sales; as long as your products and company have a good reputation.

Form of passive advertising

When you imprint your corporate logo on things like shirts, mugs, flyers, posters, and giveaway items potential customers will be able to see it. However, if it is poorly designed they might not take time to look at what you are offering. It should be catchy enough to grab their attention. That way they will read through and see what your company does.

Establish brand identity

Your logo represents your company. If you want clients and customers to get a positive view of your company then you must make sure that your logo is professional. Positive brand identity will create a wider market for your products and thus help you to outmaneuver competition.

Update Your Company Logo

Now that you know why you need a professional logo it is equally important for you to know why you should review it every once in a while. Regardless of brand recognition, many companies usually rebrand and even redesign their logos for many reasons. Here are three reasons that might necessitate an update to your logo.

Outdated logo

Most logos are great and attractive when they are new. However, over time they start to look stale and outdated. That is mainly because of advancements in design technology and also competitors might be going overtime with their logo designs. Therefore, you might be forced to redesign your logo just to give it an ultra-modern feel that customers can identify with easily.

Changes in the market

Some market changes might necessitate a change in your logo. For instance, if your online presence grows (due to increased online purchases) you might want to change your logo from a traditional one to a web-based one that has a web-type button. That will make it easy for customers who prefer to make their purchases online.

Other changes like a huge growth in your market and scope can also call for a logo redesign so that you get one that is configured to suit your market. For example, if you are going international you might need a globally recognizable logo and not one that has lets say words that natives of only one country can understand.

A simpler logo

A simple logo is easily recognizable. Maybe you started with a complicated one (it might have been a good idea then) but now you need a simpler one that can easily fit on advertisement media like flyers and still remain visible.

Regardless of your motivation to acquire a new logo or to redesign your existing one, it is highly recommended that you get a professional graphic design company to do the job for you. One such company is Tuispace.

Get a Professional Logo at Tuispace

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