10 Signs Your Business Logo Needs a Redesign
March 25, 2016

First impressions can make a big difference in the way that people perceive a business. Your logo is often the first thing that people think of when they consider your company. This is why it is essential to design a logo that accurately represents your business – and that creates the first impression you want customers to have.

While your business may have been the main focus when its current logo was created, certain significant details might need to be added to the concept and design of that logo. Additionally, modern media has greatly changed over the last several years, and your logo may need to be adapted to more current formats. In order to serve your needs best, you might want to consider the top 10 signs your business logo needs a redesign – in no particular order:

1. Significant Changes for Your Company

If your business has experienced significant changes since the logo was designed, you would probably benefit from a logo redesign. This is especially true if your company’s name has changed, of course. The new name will need to be incorporated into a new design. If you have had a major change in ownership or management, the new image may need to be modified. When the general mission of a company changes, that should be reflected in the new design if possible. All of these details are important in helping consumers to recognize a new business name or mission.

2. Your Logo Is Very Similar to Another One

If your logo looks too much like another brand’s logo, people may get the two confused. If this happens frequently, you could be losing business simply because potential customers become frustrated with confusion and cease their shopping efforts temporarily. Another type of issue that may arise is that consumers might mistake your logo for another one and ultimately go with a competitor instead.

3. The Logo Does Not Work Well for Reprints

Your logo may look great on the company website, but it may not have much of an impact when it’s reprinted on various items, such as coffee mugs and T-shirts. If you use a lot of promotional merchandise to market your brand, then you’ll want to be sure that your logo looks great when it’s displayed on such things. It should be easily visible, have a clear outline, and be easy to read if it contains lettering or text.

4. The Message Is Not Clear

If people don’t understand the message intended in the creation of your logo, it may not be doing your business any good. It may offer too much detail – so much that the average observer cannot quickly grasp the mission or message that is meant to be seen. The message might be vague and confusing to the typical onlooker, and it might even remind people of a different type of product or service.

5. You Created the Image Yourself

Many startup companies operate on minimal budgets. This often means doing as many tasks as possible within the company instead of hiring professionals to do them. If you or one of your employees designed your business logo when you were just getting started, it may be time for a redesign implemented by a design expert.

6. Your Logo Needs to Be Adapted to Digital Media

The move to a digital format has permeated nearly every aspect of online culture. If your logo was created before websites were required to be mobile friendly, then it might not be viewed properly by your customers. A professional can help you to modify the design in order to meet current digital standards.

7. You’re Using More Than One Design

You might have one logo that was created years ago and another one that is more current. If you’ve been working to get another logo designed for your company but haven’t made the switch entirely, you could be confusing your customers. You should make sure to have the new logo created as soon as possible, so you may eliminate the old one and end consumer confusion related to your brand.

8. The Image Design Is Too Generic

If the image used to devise your company’s logo is too generic, you could be associated with another business or industry. This can happen when a stock image is used in the creation of a logo. The logo could be used by any other brand – and you won’t be able to have it trademarked because its trademark belongs to someone else.

9. The Design Is Outdated

In many cases, businesses need to change their logos because the graphics and design are outdated. This can even happen when a company is only a year or two old – especially if the logo design was based on a trend that was popular at the time of its inception. If the image associated with your brand is outdated, then you could lose business because potential customers don’t take you seriously as a result.

10. Your Target Demographic Is Different

If your company mission has changed, then your target audience may have changed, as well. The logo you had created when you started might not be relevant to your new audience. If this is the case, you may want to invest in having your logo redesigned to reflect the tastes of your new target demographic.

You may want to have your logo redesigned for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, changing a logo can simply be a great marketing strategy for a brand. If you hope to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, your best option could be to consult a professional for assistance.

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