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One simple search helps you choose your website domain name and kickstart the process of building your brand with a new website. We’ve partnered with Namecheap to bring you the ability to check and reserve your new website domain. Buy a new domain for only $8.88, and you’re ready to start building your website today. Once you choose from the infinite possibilities of domain names we offer, TuiSpace can then help host and build your award-winning business website.

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Frequently Asked Questions about buying domain names

+What is a domain name?
A domain name is essentially the name of your website or the “address” the Internet uses to access your webpage. They are usually the name of your business followed by an ending, such as .com, .net, or .org. For example, tuispace.com and Google.com are domain names.
+What domains are available?
The best way to find an available domain is through our domain search. Our search engine explores all domain names registered under the internet and lets you know which ones are taken then suggests available requests. If a domain is not available but is for sale by the owner, you may have the option to buy the domain at the owner’s price. Once you select an available domain, or buy an old domain for sale, it will officially be registered through our partner Namecheap. See how we work with you to design your website.
+Why should I get a domain from TuiSpace?
Our domains are affordable and legitimate, starting as low as $0.88. TuiSpace has partnered with Namecheap to offer fast and reliable domain search and web services, including configuring your DNS, web hosting and email.
+Can I work with TuiSpace if I registered my domain elsewhere?
Of course. You can buy a domain from any number of sites such as Go Daddy or Register.com. We recommend and have partnered with Namecheap because we trust their quality of service.
+How much does a domain cost?
On average, most domains cost around $10-20 a year, depending on their .com, .net, or other domain name extensions. However, some domains cost more if they’re already owned by someone who is selling the domain name. You can get domain names as low as just $0.88 the first year, so you can quickly start building your website with less hassle.
+How long does a domain last?
Registering a domain lasts one year, but you usually have the option to buy it for 2-10 years for a lower rate per year. Additionally, you have the option to automatically renew your domain name without worrying about someone else stealing your website name upon expiration.

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