why seo?

Our team has an extensive knowledge of how search engines work. We do in-depth industry research before working on the optimization of your website. It gives us great insight about the competitive advantage of your website when compared to others. We take a deep look at the keywords your rivals are targeting and we also investigate that by which keyword they are getting the highest amount of traffic. Applying the unparalleled knowledge of our SEO professionals, we are able to uncover the competitive strategies used by your competitors and counter react accordingly.

help your online presence

  • increase qualified leads
  • increase your conversions
  • raise brand awareness
  • increase sales


Rank in Organic Search
Your website is currently nowhere to be found in Google searches for your top keywords and keyphrases. Our top goal will be to push those rankings up to the first page.
Increase Website Traffic
We want to help potential customers find your website when searching for the services or products your company provides. Our goal is to drive as much qualified traffic to your website as possible.
Increase Website Engagement
In addition to overall traffic, it’s important to increase time on site, pages per visit and decrease bounce rate. These are simple metrics that show quality user interactions.
Build Domain Equity
Over time great SEO will improve the overall authority of your website with search engines. Increased authority = increased rankings.
Increase Brand Awareness
We can optimize and manage your social media. We can also create value added content like YouTube and SlideShare documents and rank them in Google. This will help build your brand as an authority in the market.
Increase Website Engagement
In addition to overall traffic, it’s important to increase time on site, pages per visit and decrease bounce rate. These are simple metrics that show quality user interactions.

Why SEO Matters

Search engines have well over 200 signals their algorithm reads when ranking sites. We don’t want to get too technical, but it’s important we cover it at a high enough level so you can understand our strategy.
Lift in organic traffic
Proper coding, XML site maps, robots.txt, etc
Proper keyword usage, website structure, content structure, etc
On- Page SEO
Site like Reddit, blog forums, local listing etc make up a large chunk of the web's usage. If your site isn't being mentioned here (a lot), Google has a tough time ranking your site.
Off- Page SEO
A "backlink" is when anither website links to yours. A link tell Google that your site is important and links are still the #1 ranking factor in Google. for competitive niches like yours, it's imortant to acquire high quality and high authority links from relevant websites.

Effective Add-Ons

  • Targeted Pay per Click Advertising – Organic search optimization takes time. Pay per click ads have your site live on the first page with the click of a button. We strongly recommended a “blended search” approach. Blended search tackles both paid search and organic. As your organic rankings push up, we can decrease Google AdWords spend. That way you always have a presence on the first page of Google for all of your main keywords.
  • Paid Search Campaign with effective lead capture pages – We design and build you a custom landing page to send paid ad traffic to. Custom landing pages help to decrease cost per click from the ads and also convert traffic to leads.
  • Link Building – Links to your website are search engine’s #1 ranking factor. It’s extremely important to build the right links to your website – that’s why we perform it as it’s own individual deliverable.
  • YouTube for SEO & Video Marketing – We don’t want to just rank your website, we want to dominate search results. We will create a custom explainer video, host it on YouTube and optimize it to rank for your keywords.
  • Social Media Optimization & Management (Link to TuiSpace Social Media Page) Social signals help to rank your website in search engines. The more Tweets and shares your site has, the higher it ranks. Social media drives valuable traffic to your site.

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